QB Today

Another QBasic newspaper!!!  Yipee!!!  It's so much fun you can program in VB without getting mad at Microsoft!!!  OK, maybe not that much fun...

February 19, 2000

This issue will be fairly small, because no articles have been submitted by anyone but me.  So don't be too mad at me...

1.  Spaghetti Productions Grand Opening
2.  Space Struggle progress slow
3.  Is the QBasic community shrinking?
4.  What's going on with QBasic.com?

1. Spaghetti Productions Grand Opening

A new qbasic site is on the scene, and it's better than the old qbasic site Josh was running too.  QBasic Galaxy was doomed to a short existance because of Josh's inability to adjust to public school quickly.  But now, he has adjusted, and is able to find time for QBasic once again.

Spaghetti Productions got its name from Josh's programming style.  It had a reputation of being spaghetti code.  Hmm, spaghetti code makes spaghetti programs.  People who make spaghetti programs start websites (sometimes).  People who can't figure out a good name for a site call it Spaghetti Productions.

It will be updated at least once a month if at all possible.  It will only take good programs worth the space they take up.  Acually they have to be better.  And with the BEST OF THE BEST (BOTB) section, you can see the greatest programs ever made in QBasic.  Only really good programs get that recognition.

Spaghetti Productions really has lots of content, and that's what is going to make it a good site.

2. Space Struggle progress slow

This long awaited space shooter is taking way too long to complete.  The only thing Josh can say is that he has wasted a lot of time on newspaper articles.  He just wants to reassure the QBasic world that he will finish this game sooner or later.  At this point, it looks like there will only be one level.

"It just became another worthless project.  I am only finishing it because I said I would, but it's just not fun anymore.  I want to move on to bigger programs.  And I will.  But for now..."

3. Is the QBasic community shrinking?

It was the most unexpected shock to the QBasic world since the death of Milo, creator of the best space shooter in QBasic ever, Monospace.  Enhanced Creations was one of the biggest and best QBasic sites out there.  Right in the middle of possibly the best program ever in QBasic, the owners of Enhanced Creations ended their long reign as makers of the best QBasic programs.

But that's not all.  They said that QBasic was too limited a language to work with.  Maybe other programmers will feel the same way as they become masters of the language.  Can QBasic survive without the experienced programmers?  KeiProductions also shut down.  Even though it was a smaller website, it was one of the few with original content.

With programmers leaving the scene, and QBasic sites shuting down, things aren't looking great.  But new sites, like Spaghetti Productions are being made, and will save the day.

(Did you hear that?  Spaghetti Productions is a hero!)

4. What's going on with QBasic.com?
QBasic.com was a sinking ship.  Mallard simply would not take the time to update, or let someone else have QBasic.com.  It was becoming the stench of the QBasic world.

Then!  Mallard posted a message in the QBasic.com forum for the first time in months!  He was going to sell the site.  GREAT NEWS!!!  Now someone else would own QBasic.com and update it!!!  Going up for bid, it was sold to someone called lion777k for over $2500 dollars.  Everyone thought that a lot of money for a domain name, but maybe that was a good sign.  I mean, who would pay for a site simply to own it and never update it?  I mean, $2500 dollars isn't exactly what I call pocket change.  Well, lion777k posted a message saying he owned it, and then... nothing.  Never updated.  Never anything added.

QBasic.com is again a sinking ship, except we don't know who to blame.

Thank you for reading the first edition of QBasic Today!